Thursday, May 7, 2009

Make Extra Money On The Net By Viewing Advertisements

For about 2 years now, the paid to click websites have been in business and they're growing faster than ever. Their system is simple, you make money by clicking ads. This is your perfect answer if you want to know how to make money quickly. You normally have to click ads and view them in a frame which opens in a new window for about 30 seconds. After which a tick or a confirmation is displayed which confirms that you have viewed the advertisement.

Paid to click websites have made the money making procedure on internet very easy. 30 seconds is next to nothing, and when there are more than 20 ads in a day, it becomes very sensible to think of it as an extremely fast way to make money. There are usually about 10-25 ads on a paid to click websites which can be clicked in one day while other websites have more than 500 ads a day for premium members such as clixsense. The amount of ads you get depends on the paid to click website as well as your membership status. There is more detail of this on

Making money by clicking ads makes the money making process very simple, easy and fast although the pay rate is usually very low. It ranges from $0.005 to $1 depending on the advertiser, but most websites stick to a standard $0.01 per click which seems very low. This does seems low but when added up, it can easily help one make money on the internet. The fact is, the pay rate is low but we must not forget that we can join multiple paid to click websites and all of them can give us more than 10 ads per day, hence averaging us more than $100 per month. The simple plan is outlines below:

- You click 20 ads per day on each website (20x$0.01=$0.2)
- You make use of 20 websites to click ads ($0.2x20=$4/per day)
- There are an average of 30 days in a month hence making him $120. ($4x30=$120)

The plan is very simple and so is the way reliable enough to make us money on the internet. It will hardly take us 15 minutes everyday, as we can click on ads at the same time from each website. Although we cannot click all advertisements on one website at once because according to the website's TOS we have to view the ad for at least 30 seconds before we can click another advertisement. This has been discussed in more detail on 3arn.Net.

This system can make families which have 3 or more members easily $500+ as an extra source of income. Before joining any paid to click website, their TOS must be read and it also must be noted that most have a minimum payout rate of $10, below which payouts cannot be requested. All payments are made through paypal or alertpay. Clicking ads is an excellent way to make money and advisable to all types of people to make money on the internet, fast and quick!

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