Friday, April 17, 2009

Make Extra Money On Internet With Ebay

We always thought of ebay as a buying place, but we never thought of it through a money-makers perspective. Without doubt, ebay can be an easy way to how to make money on internet. If we keep on the track then making extra money with ebay is not difficult at all.

We'll divide the whole thing into smaller individual tasks. First we need to create an account, then we need to setup the payment processor and then we come up with the creative part of making money on ebay. But first we need to be sure of the main tool, which will be selling household items which are not used anymore.

Now we will look into each individual task. First you need to go to There you need to sign up keeping in mind that you're on the ebay version of your country (if supported). After filling in all the details, you'll need to verify your account and then you're done with the first step which is to create an account.

The second task is to go to and create a paypal account. Here, we must note that currently paypal only supports 138 countries and if your country is not supported then you'll need to find an alternative for that. Be sure to fill in correct details for your account and make sure that your account is safe 'enough', because it is no different than a normal bank account because it will be holding your money in the future. Once you're done, link your ebay account with the paypal account to tell it about your payment processor. With this step completed, you've been successfully entered into the ebay system as a seller who can receive money.

This part involves the most creativeness and it is not limited to what I say at all. Go on a hunt in your house looking for things you no longer use. This could be anything, ranging from an old book to shoes that never fitted you. Be creative and you'll eventually to end up with a whole lot of things that can be sold easily on ebay to make profits. We don't want to forget our main aim of 'make money on the internet'.

So now you'll just need to take a few pictures of the items you've collected. But before setting up the listings, you'll need to research on ebay for the items. Create an excel file, and record the 'Buy-it-now' price or the final bid price of those items and then after analyzing, use the information in deciding your price of the item.

Now all you need to do is, go and create listings for your items, putting in pictures and genuine information about the items. Submit your market listing and then watch a handsome amount of money roll in for things which were completely useless to you before. Hopefully, now you can see the potential of making good money easily with Ebay.

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